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iDate Testimonials

Below are just a small selection of the testimonials we receive regularly:

Single Mum Finds Her Soul Mate

Since I joined iDate several months ago, I have met my perfect soul mate. I know it sounds corny, but it’s true. I’m a single mum and I found that this can put a lot of men off, but through iDate I met someone who is in exactly he same boat as me, he is a single dad trying to make ends meet. We just hit it off straightaway, we have so much in common, it’s as though we have been together for years. We actually live quite close to one another but had never even seen one another before. Our girls get on really well too, they keep saying they are ‘sisters’. It could have been destiny, but I know all this is thanks to iDate.
I still can’t believe that joining a dating site could have turned my life around so much, and it was so easy! It was free to join, which I did through Facebook, then I paid a small fee to interact with the other members of the site. I didn’t once imagine there would be so many people my age on the site, but there are loads of young members, and it’s  actually quite fun. You can wink at people who take your fancy and check who’s been checking you out! But the best part for me was finding someone so close to home. I couldn’t believe it when there was someone I liked in my own town.
All I can say is thanks iDate! Our lives have completely changed for the better and we can’t imagine what things would have been like if we hadn’t joined iDate.

Jenny, Leicester

iDate Video Testimonial

Richard sent us in this video review after being a member for 4 months. See for yourself how impressed he was with the members, and how much fun he had.

iDate is a Refreshing Change

iDate is quite frankly the best dating site I have been on. I was a member of about 4 sites before joining, what I like most (apart from meeting my current partner) is that the members seem serious about dating and not just time wasters. I tried other sites but kept getting people from overseas trying to scam me. I have enjoyed my time on the site and am now enjoying more time with my new partner.
Mark, Woolwich, London

I Am So Glad I Joined iDate

I was a little dubious about joining a dating site at first. I was anxious about what the other members would be like and how I would react to meeting them. I am a naturally shy bloke, which is partly why I find it hard to meet women. I am also recently divorced and working long hours and so I find it very difficult to find the time socialise and meet new people, never mind find the woman of my dreams, but I knew I had to bite the bullet, so I joined iDate. As it turned out, I was worried for nothing. The other members of iDate are fantastic; they’re just normal, friendly, great people – just like me really! After I joined, I built up my profile and I started matchmaking whenever I saw someone I think I might have things in common with, that way I know that whoever I meet will be compatible with my personality. And I have to say I have met some really fantastic and attractive ladies through iDate. We have had some great nights out, and although I’ve yet to find ‘the one’, I have certainly made some great friends along the way. I am so glad I joined iDate, the site itself is good fun and I am in touch most evenings with other members through IM, so I don’t even have to go out to make initial contact. But more than that, iDate has given me the confidence to actually go out there and meet people, which I never would have done otherwise.

Kevin H, Halifax

Amazing Response iDate Really Works

I am amazed, simply amazing is the response I have had since joining iDate 2 weeks ago. I have already been on several dates, one which is looking like it could be a winner. Anyone who is seriously looking to date should sign up today. recommended your site to a whole load of my single friends ...
Angela, Rushden, Northants

Idate I Think I love You!

Ok, I have been on this site for quite a while but I must say what an amazing experience!
I met probably the most incredible woman ever. I have fallen head over heels in love and so has she. Our connection struck both of us like a tornado -- in a wonderful way! We've been attached as though we're supposed to be together from the time life began for us. We've a huge amount in common and she's undeniably the most stunning, hilarious, interesting woman I've ever met during my entire life.

I'm offering this to simply give you thanks SO MUCH. Idate introduced me to so much happiness, more than I ever imagined. I ought to mention she discovered me. She got in touch with me despite the fact that neither of us had posted a photo. She had been straight forward and also totally honest since day one. However, if she had not made the first move I might never have fallen in love.

PS . For the men maybe reading this, I'm stating the complete truth this is a freely given testimonial, no one paid me! My iDate is gorgeous, I am still stunned we are now an item. When I first drove to meet her (she's 139 miles from my place ) we arranged to meet in the hotel bar where I was staying. As soon as she walked over to meet me the bar went silent, about 30 guys all stared, yes she's that beautiful. My experiences with her are like a dream - a dream just for us. I honestly wish all of you the best. This website truly works! And did I already mention she's the sweetest and nicest woman that I have ever met. We're living proof that wonderful things do happen.

Steve, Chipping Norton

Top Site Keep Up The Good Work!

If you want local dating site where you can actually meet real people then stop messing about and get on I have tried a boat load of free dating sites and paid ones, I could not keep up with the amount of messages I got (I say got because I am now with Bev who I met through this site) it is insane ... 3 mates joined and are having a blast ... get on board guys it's the works....

Marcus, Carshalton

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